Lil Herb

After what’s seemed like a much longer wait than usual, the XXL team revealed their picks for the coveted annual “Freshman Class” issue, and the Internet is still picking at it. The Freshman List, of course, exists to shine a spotlight on the up-and-comers who’ve been grinding like crazy in order to be recognized as the next […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj has heard all of the criticism about her no longer rapping and solely being a pop artist. Well, she’s back with a rapping vengeance on her latest song “Chi-Raq” that features Lil Herb. On the track, Nicki addresses the controversy that surrounded her song “Lookin A$$ N***as.” Before Lil Herb gets a […]

Now if most of you are like us you are scratching your head and saying huh? But you read the title correctly World Star Hip Hop released a documentary that chronicles what it is like for a handful of rappers trying to make it in the game in some of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods. Yes […]