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Watching Lil’ Kim perform “Quiet Storm” reminded me why she is The Queen Bee and that no new-comer can shadow what she has accomplished as a female rapper! She appeared on stage with Mobb Deep for their first performance since Prodigy was released from prison at the Best Buy Theater, New York. In all pink, […]

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim have been butting heads ever since Nicki Minaj first put on her pretty pink wig and twitched her neck like the girl from “The Grudge.” Spectators have chosen sides, claiming one–never both! While some argue that Nicki finished Kim on “Roman’s Revernge” others defend Kim’s lyrical  content on “Black Friday.” […]

It seems like everyone just can’t get enough of Nicki Minaj…even arch enemy Lil’ Kim. Last night on Twitter,what may have been Nicki Minaj, a hacked and or fraudulent account tweeted “Lil Kim U Next.” This caused a fan to tweet the Queen Bee suggesting that she name her dog after Nicki Minaj. In what […]

Even the age of High Definition a picture isn’t always what it seems. Last night Lil Kim and Natalie Nunn were seen partying at LIV nightclub in Miami and they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. One shot in particular showed them getting REALLY close: Did Nunn’s chin just get in […]

Nicki Minaj just added fuel to the beef between her and Lil’ Kim. Nicki revisited her animated flow for the diss record “Tragedy.” In the a snippet of the track you can hear many  Kim references like: “It must hurt to sell your album off PayPal” “You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny” […]

Celebrity sex tapes are like rap albums. You never know when they’ll actually come out. Everyday it seems there is a new rumor about a sex tape popping up, but how many of them turn out to be true?  Even when the “snippets” or screen stills “leak” the final product is rarely ever released. So […]

Lil Kim recently celebrated the release of her Black Friday mixtape at a party in Atlanta. Lil’ Kim hopped on the mic to spit some verses and even got some love from one of Lil’ Wayne‘s baby-mamas, Nivea.

Lil’ Kim celebrated the release of her Black Friday mixtape at Webster Hall in NYC with a packed house all eager to hear the Queen Bee perform.

Before Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim was the undisputed Queen of female rap; it was earned and rightly so! Kim changed the game for females, coining outrageous outfits, salacious lyrics and  bigger egos than the boys. Kimmy was linked to Jay-Z, Diddy, Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G and all the “greats” before Nicki […]

Lil’ Kim is calling out the government, saying that they were involved in the deaths of 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. Lil Kim shared her thoughts on DJ Lady T’s radio show.

Lil Kim‘s Black Friday mixtape has finally started showing up in mailboxes as evidenced by a photo we spotted of a real copy of the mixtape.

While all 100,000 of you are still waiting for your Black Friday mixtape to show up in the mail, another track that may or may not appear on the mixtape just hit the net. Lil Kim completely remakes Rihanna‘s “Man Down.”