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He’s back like he never left. Since the devastating car crash that left him critically injured in 2014, Tracy Morgan returned to television last night to host SNL. Some may have wondered whether he was up to the task, and Tracy addressed the doubters with humor in his opening monologue:  “People were wondering: Can he speak? Does […]

Family Matters star Darius McCrary was arrested for not paying his child support. According to TMZ, McCrary was given two options in family court: he could either pay $5,000 in back child support for his young son or stay in jail for 2 weeks. He spent only a few hours in jail because he decided […]

According to Radar Online, Lindsay Lohan acted up so badly during the filming of her new OWN documentary, that Ms. Oprah Winfrey had to come over to speak with her personally about her behavior! And she was sufficiently blunt too! Take a look at the train wreck in the video below!     Ummm…do you […]


Wow this story is all over the place when it comes to speculation and it’s super wild when it comes down to thinking little Lindsay could be this vicious but according to TMZ, Miss Lindsay Lohan may have been the cause of Barron Hilton getting pummeled the other night at a party. TMZ reports that […]

In the immortal words of NFL great Dion Sanders, “Must be the money.” There’s plenty of money floating around in the world of entertainment, so if a multi-millionaire just so happens to be a human and make a mistake, there will always be someone there to cash in on their mishap. Some are legitimate cases […]

Latino rapper Pitbull was riding a wave of success with his hit single, “Give Me Everything.” Now he’s facing a lawsuit from Lindsay Lohan for mentioning her in the hit song. Lohan is suing Pitbull for the line, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Pitbull responded to Lohan’s lawsuit saying He mentioned Ryan […]

In the latest mainstream struggle media news, Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy spread has hit the net and left plenty to be desired. Lohan’s barely there nipples and airbrushed to death appearance cost the magazine a cool milli. A million dollars for that?!?!?!?! I know females around the way who look three million times better and would’ve […]

According to Lindsay Lohan is posing nude for Playboy for nearly one million dollars! “Her rep told EW he cannot confirm whether or not Lohan will indeed pose, but it wouldn’t be too surprising that a woman who already appeared partially nude for New York magazine would accept a big payday to star in […]

The untimely death of young soul singer Amy Winehouse has prompted the concern for celebrities and their unhealthy drug habits. This isn’t the first time a celebrity has succumbed to the demons that plague his or her life. MUST SEE: More Celebs React To Amy Winehouse’s Death   We have seen it before with public icons […]

Lindsay Lohan names Kombucha tea as the cause of her failing a court-ordered alcohol test last week.  Her claim seems a bit suspect since Kombucha tea contains less than .05% alcohol. In April, she was sentenced to four months on house arrest for stealing a necklace from a jewelry store in January 2011 in Venice, […]