LL Cool J

50 Cent’s homegirl Oprah Winfrey sat down with LL Cool J at his home in Los Angeles for a new interview as a part of her OWN series, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” In their chapter, which chronicles the rapper-actor’s lengthy career, the two discusses LL’s abusive childhood, marriage, career, and that peculiar night in which he […]

Most young hip-hop fans remember MC Shan from the “Beef” DVD series where he talked about his beef with KRS-One and his Boogie Down Productions crew during “The Bridge Wars.” They might not be as likely to recall a beef LL Cool J and MC Shan had. In a new interview with Complex Magazine, the […]

LL Cool J says he is not catering to the children with his forthcoming album, Authentic Hip-Hop. Speaking with Rolling Stone, the legendary emcee discussed how “mature” his new project is and how he is “not pandering to chase teenagers.” This is for their mamas, daddies, uncles, and aunties. Via Rolling Stone: “It’s real natural […]

LL Cool J took some time off from rhyming to get more work out of his SAG card. Now that he’s an established actor with a hit CBS drama series”NCIS: Los Angeles,” he’s getting back to his rapping roots. Uncle L recently dropped the cover art and tracklist for his 14th album Authentic Hip-Hop. LL […]

LL Cool J took to Myspace (people still use that?) to announce the release date of his latest album “Authentic Hip Hop”. The ageless emcee says February 12th will be the day his 14th studio album will hit stores. Let’s hope the music is more authentic than the first salvo ‘Ratchet’. Like TheUrbanDaily.com on Facebook […]

Thanks to MCs like Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop, Ice Cube and Q-Tip the 40-year-old benchmark is no longer considered a death sentence in hip-hop. However, there is a way to age gracefully. Being an older artist is always a delicate balancing act between pleasing your established fans and appealing to newer ones. Done the right way […]

LL Cool J is still bad. Still in case you forgot, “The Future of the Funk” has returned with his first new material in years. When he’s not chasing bad guys on television or knocking out crooks who invade his home, Uncle L is still doing what made him a household name in the first […]

The outcome for the man who broke into LL Cool J‘s home gets bleaker with each day. After getting the smackdown laid upon him, Jonathan A. Kirby is facing life in prison for breaking into the home of the rapper/actor. We reported a man broke into LL Cool J’s Sherman Oaks, California mansion a few […]

LL Cool J wasn’t joking when he rapped “Mama Said Knock You Out.” A would-be burglar found out the hard way. LL Cool J beat up a guy for trying to break in his home. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a man tried to break into LL Cool J’s L.A. mansion around two […]

Last week we brought you Then & Now: 1990s Music Icons and this week we have the 1980s up next! Take a look back at all the reason why you loved (or maybe hated) the 1980s in our then & now gallery of celebrities from the decade. You’ll see Whitney Houston before the drama, LL […]

In this week’s edition of TV One and TheUrbanDaily.com’s “What’s Hot”  rapper and actor LL Cool J shares what it was like to host The Grammys the day after Whitney Houston died. In a documentary called “A Death In The Family: The Show Must Go On”  Cool J and others recount how they coped with […]

Though he is getting that Hollywood money, LL Cool J can’t stay away from the microphone. The man we’ve come to know as Uncle L announced he was in the studio working on a new album at a press conference for his new digital partnership with My Connect. LL spoke about the new project. “I’m […]