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  Earlier this week, rumors started popping up around the internet that the entire cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta were getting the boot as a result of the show’s producers growing tired of the endless, and unwanted, drama among the various stars. Now, cast member Mimi Faust has broken her silence about the dramatic news. In […]

Momma Dee has some explaining to do. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was arrested for leaving a restaurant before paying for her meal. The…


The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 took the concept of revenge up a notch on this week’s episode full of pettiness. Karlie and Sina team up to get back at KD, Stevie gets the ultimate revenge on Nikko, Bambi secretly makes plans to pursue her career with the help of another man […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Kirk Frost was among two men arrested after a dirt bike and ATV rally in Atlanta on Sunday got out of hand. According to the AJC, about 400 dirt bikes, ATVs and other motorized vehicles were riding near Ralph McGill and Piedmont avenues Sunday afternoon when a police officer observed […]

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was full of confessions, proposals, break ups and of course, a few more lies. Mimi finally came clean about her real role in the release of the sex tape to everyone close to her, Ariane gets all of her frustrations with Mimi out in the open and […]   Besides being the wife of Nikko Smith, Mimi Faust‘s former shower partner, who is Margeaux Simms? We saw her in the season four premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and she’s already set herself apart from the rest of the cast. Here are five things you need to know about Margeaux Simms. 1. […]

Tiffany Foxx is a rapper who is slated to appear on the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta which returns April 20. She’s been making waves ever since she was signed by Lil Kim in 2012, even publicly getting into spats with prominent people in the music industry. But what else is there to know […]

The season four premiere of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is on Monday, and its got some of the usual suspects, like Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. We’ve seen so much of their lives since the show’s inception, we might have forgotten a few things. So here are some facts about Mimi Faust to catch up […]

  VH1 released a new clip from the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and we see that Yung Joc has a lot going on. Khadiyah, who infamously took a piggy back ride on Karlie Redd’s back last season, is back for another go ’round with Yung Joc. Before revealing she’s pregnant in the 30 second […]

Reality TV is about as real as the WWE, meaning most of the scenarios are staged, but the action is real. Joseline Hernandez, claims the popular VH1 franchise Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is scripted and the characters are actors. The Puerto Rican princess testified during a deposition with Althea’s (Benzino’s fiance) lawyer, saying “It’s a […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Joseline Hernandez is out in the world thinking that she was the inspiration for Empire’s Cookie. Really. “I know Cookie been taking some lessons from me. I mean, where do you think she get it from? That ain’t all her character, that’s Joseline Hernandez’s character, honey. I know it for […]

Benzino was arrested in Atlanta last night for attempting to get a loaded gun through security checkpoints. According to TMZ, the reality star placed his carry-on bag onto the conveyor belt and a TSA agent found a loaded 9-millimeter gun inside. He was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, then released on a $3,000 bail. […]