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Early reports claimed the shooting stemmed from a beef between Maino and Troy Ave, but the "Hustle Hard" rapper issued a statement clearing up the confusion.


Rose McPhatter, mom to 33-year-old Ronald McPhatter (B$B Banga) who was shot dead during a backstage brawl – reportedly between Troy Ave and Maino's entourages – said her son died much how he lived...protecting his friend.

In an interview with VLADTV, rapper Maino gives more insight into his confrontation with Atlanta rapper Trinidad James after the “All Gold Everything” rapper claimed that NY didn’t represent its own artists during a Converse event in Brooklyn, and added that the South runs New York music, which set the “Let it Fly” rapper off. Maino then […]

Young Dro is a busy man.  The Bankhead Atlanta rap star has been making the rounds promoting this sophomore album, “High Times,” so he hasn’t caught up on some of the latest drama coming out of his city. During a recent taping of our “Rhyme & Reason” series we asked Dro about Trinidad James’ comments about […]

Days ago “All Gold Everything” rapper Trinidad James expressed his opinion about the state of New York rap during a show at Brooklyn’s Rubber Tracks studios and several MCs from the Empire State took offense, most notably Maino. In the day the followed the “Atlanta rappers run y’all” comments were made public, Maino tweeted that James […]

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Wow! In a recent Donkey Of The Day segment featuring Trinidad James, Charlamagne showed all the way off! No we mean even for Charlamagne! Calling Trinidad “Snaggle Tooth” and “Two Teeth James” and that’s just the beginning! Check out what he had to say to Trinidad regarding his on stage disrespect of New York Hip Hop […]

Last night rumors began to spread that rapper Maino had been shot on stage while performing. Video footage began to circulate to confirm the rumor, showing the “Hi Hater” rapper falling to the stage after a shot is heard. Thankfully, it was all staged. BLACKATLAS: “No Sleep Til Brooklyn:” 10 things to do in 24 […]

We all remember when Maino and Lil Kim were an item. Though the relationship has been over for a few years, Maino still carries feelings for the Brooklyn rapstress. “I Still Love You” is off of a  DJ Green Lantern mixtape. Maino chronicles their relationship’s highs and lows. One line is a little questionable though. “I […]

You have to wait until February 28th to get Maino’s new album "The Day After Tomorrow," but here's the tracklist of the songs that will be included.

Maino has a hit on his hands with “That Could Be Us” featuring Robbie Nova, and now he has a music video for it. Check out Maino getting his grown man on in the video below. The City That Made Maino RELATED POSTS: Hip-Hop And R&B Album Release Dates Olivia & Maino Caught Kissing [PHOTO]

Love & Hip Hop star, Olivia, was recently photo’d kissing rapper Maino. The seductive kiss leads us to believe that the two are dating though nothing has been confirmed (what more do you need?) You can catch Olivia on the new season of Love & Hip Hop which airs November 14 at 9pm. Love & […]

Maino confronted Big Sean on the red carpet of the BET Hip Hop Awards for a “WTF” moment. Sean who was being interviewed played off the obviously uncomfortable situation by smiling and continuing to talk after Maino walked away. Maino told Sean his words were misconstrued, taken out of context and that he did what […]