Make It Rain

The couple that makes it rain together stays together. At least until breakfast. Singing stars Rihanna and Drake continued their on-again-off-again dealings during a Texas tour stop. Security snitches at VLive in Houston told RadarOnline, that nothing was the same after Drake rolled into the spot with an entourage that included Rihanna. Drake performed at […]

When Travis Porter walked into TheUrbanDaily office, the first thing out of Quez’ mouth was “Where the girls at?” I was immediately greeted by their rambunctious personalities and laid-back swag; we sat down and from there laughter and joy ensued. The boys admitted to being in the strip club as early as 16 years old […]

Lil Wayne was so happy that his Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl that he made it rain in a Dallas strip club. His weather domination was so Cobra Commander that the club allegedly ran out of singles.TMZ obtained footage of Weezy and his Young Money crew throwing wads of cash at the “talent” […]