This is just getting to be way too much. First Mary Jane is causing fights between Kirk and Rasheeda on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday. Then by Wednesday she released a song glorifying being a jump off! Now Funky Dineva is reporting that  she and Bambi from Basketball Wives LA were about to […]

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Welp! We knew it was just a matter of time before this happened and now hear it is…the jump off put out a song praising herself for being unseemly. And no doubt people will listen to it and in outrage (possibly even in like) will tell a friend who  will tell a friend and eventually […]

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  As we previously reported Bambi of Basketball Wives LA called in to Big Tigger‘s radio show last week while he was interviewing an alleged jump off of Love And Hip Hop’s Kirk Frost and called her everything but a child of God! Mostly she called her a whore! But she was not done! She recently went on […]

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Welp! If you are trying to get fame off of sleeping with a pregnant woman’s husband we guess you can’t also ask for respect at the same time. Love And Hip Hop Atlanta fans watched Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost do some things most thought unbelieveable of the usually attentive husband and manager. That included an […]