The world watched in horror yesterday as reports on the latest round of ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, France reached unthinkable heights. Based on what’s been confirmed thus far, the deadly attacks targeted several pre-selected areas in the French capital and involved multiple bombings, shootings and all out terrorizing of unsuspecting civilians over a 5-hour […]

After murdering a dozen people and wounding 70 more in the Colorado movie theater massacre, James Holmes has been sentenced to life in prison without…

The Voice

The Confederate flag has long been known as a symbol of hatred and racism in the United States. Defenders of the historically prejudice mindset that the flag represents consistently try to write it off as nothing more than a showing of “Southern pride,” but people of all races and backgrounds have protested against the flying […]

UPDATE: 11:40 AM EST Dylann Roof‘s manifesto has allegedly surfaced online. In the horrifying document, the 21-year-old discusses the moment his perspective on race relations…

Caktuz drops a series of mini-documentaries as teasers to his latest music video, “Still N The Hood: A Short Massacre”, with soul siren TreZure Empire (hot off her amazing performance at “A Night With  Bilal” in NY and last years Japan Music Week). The long form video runs over 6 minutes in total, and is […]