Chrissy Teigen already had one viral meme after displaying her ugly-cry face at the Golden Globes last year, but last night at the Oscars, she got another one that's just as hilarious.


Michael Jordan has finally revealed his true feelings about the internet sensation known as the Michael Jordan crying face meme.


A lot of times we can pinpoint when memes will go crazy. For example, we all saw Uncle Denzel before the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in real time together, so we’re not surprised it took off. But then there are memes that are dropped from heaven, like #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat. This hashtag proves that the Queen Bey can not […]

When the AMC hit series “Breaking Bad” came to a dramatic conclusion this year, the Internet was already making “Malcolm In The Middle” tie-ins before the closing credits rolled. RELATED: 10 Things We’ll Miss About “Breaking Bad” The lead character in “Breaking Bad,” Walter White, was played by actor Bryan Cranston, who was also the father (Hal) […]

The Internet has changed everything we do from talking on the phone to how we watch TV. And since popular images are always great Halloween costume fodder the web has also given us a bunch of different options for what to show up to the party as. Well we at TheUrbanDaily decided to help you […]

  It seems as though 50 Cent is back to picking fights with any and everybody. Well, let me change that. 50 Cent is back to picking unnecessary fights with his celebrity friends. 50 has put his friend Diddy in his crosshairs via an Instagram post. By now, you should have all heard about a […]

G-Dep did not confess to murder for this.  Almost a dozen years after the Harlem rapper’s “Let’s Get It” resurrected the Al B dance from the 80s as the “Harlem Shake,” the dance craze has been remixed as the latest meme. Thanks to trap and bass producer Baauer’s 2012 hit “Harlem Shake,” the rhythmless nation has […]