Everyone isn’t good at public speaking so they need a little help called a teleprompter. However, Action film director Michael Bay took needing a little help from a teleprompter to the next level when he stormed off stage at an event where he was set to talk about a new television model.   At the […]

When actors join different films, they always have their own personal reasons. Some attached their names to projects because of their co-stars while others participate in a movie for its director. Those weren’t the reasons veteran actor Anthony Mackie chose to appear in the upcoming action flick “Pain & Gain.” When The Urban Daily caught […]

Imagine you’re a successful actor whose appeared in Oscar nominated films and worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and people barely know your name. Such has been the case with New Orleans thespian Anthony Mackie. Despite a star turn in the critically acclaimed 2009 war film “The Hurt Locker,” when people see […]

Singer /actor Tyrese just can’t win. Tyrese has gone on the interview circuit proclaiming how cool he and Transformers director Michael Bay are. The only issue with that is Michael Bay doesn’t want to be associated with Tyrese. Bay and his attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to Tyrese. To add insult to injury, […]

In the trailer for Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon director Michael Bay continues to rewrite history with a conspiracy theorists lens.