Michael J. Fox

Ever since self-lacing sneakers were hinted at in the 1989 classic film Back To The Future II, sneaker heads and movie buffs have been waiting for the dream to become a reality. Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly in the film, has helped that dream come true with The Michael J. Fox Foundation Of […]

Nearly four years removed from the release of the original surprise hit, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is nearly here. While the goofy time-travel flick mined the ‘80s for comedy gold last time around, the new sequel launches the cast a decade into the future. With the movie set for theatrical release today, The Urban […]

  From parking signs to Parkinson’s Kanye West can’t catch a break.  Yeezus is now in hot water over a Parkinson’s reference on his new album, “Yeezus.” Advocacy group Parkinson’s UK and the American Parkinson Disease Association have called a line in “On Sight” as being insensitive. “A monster about to come alive again / Soon as […]