A casual look at the last year of superhero films reveals that the genre is in desperate need of revitalization. Outside of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it was the weakest year for the genre since the first Avengers took the box office by storm. From The Flash, Ant-Man […] The post Why We Need More Black Superheroes On The Big Screen appeared first on NewsOne.

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Michael Sam was the first openly gay player to be drafted by the National Football League in 2014. Though he never actually played in an official NFL regular season game after leaving the University of Missouri, Sam helped pave the way for the LGBT community in professional sports. In a soon-to-be released interview in Attitude Magazine, Michael Sam discussed his feelings about […]

Empire star Jussie Smollett and former pro-football player Michael Sam have been seen together quite a few times lately. TMZ caught up with Smollett to get to the bottom of the rumors. When asked about Michael – who just broke up with his fiancé Vito Cammisano – Jussie replied, “That’s the homie right there,” squashing all thoughts of a […]


The sense of sympathy fans had for Michael Sam has dwindled after his football career failed to take off. He never played an NFL game after being drafted in the last round by the Rams, and he left the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes to attend to personal issues. After becoming the sports story of the year in 2014, […]


As of today, NFL star Michael Sam and his college sweetheart fiancé Vito Cammisano have also split, just six months after they were engaged in Europe. The 25-year-old football player has deleted almost all evidence of Cammisano’s existence from his social media accounts, including his proposal Insta atop Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City last […]

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If even the most conservative statistics are true – that is at least ten percent of the population is gay, then what the first openly…

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Today, I woke up to my Twitter TL collectively rolling their eyes at Michael Sam. I was surprised, not because they were annoyed by the sight of his name, but rather because he’s in the headlines at all. So why, exactly, is he relevant this time? You know why: Michael Sam, who last May became […]

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Michael Sam, the first NFL player to publicly come out as gay, is reportedly getting married to longtime love, Vito Cammisano, according to TMZ. In college, Sam was already out to his University of Missouri Tigers team, and decided to go for the gold about his sexual orientation less than two weeks before the February […]


Michael Sam (pictured right) does not lack the talent to play on a National Football League team, he tells TMZ. The reason the rush end is…

ESPN is doing some damage control after a report about how openly gay NFL player Michael Sam is doing with his prospective team. A fly…

The first openly gay pro-footballer, Michael Sam, will be getting his own show on thanks to Oprah. Sam was just drafted to the St. Louis Rams last week, and the docu-series will follow him as he gears up toward his first season. The football player made a statement regarding his participation, “Like every player out […]