Mike Brown

We don’t know who Draya‘s friends are but we’re pretty sure they should have a sit-down with her about getting off of Twitter once and for all! According to Eben Gregory, Draya apparently felt that the one thing missing from the Mike Brown discussion was her voice, so she decided to put herself into the conversation […]

It’s been a whole five days since the news first broke about 18-year-old Mike Brown being shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. If you tuned into the live feed last night of what’s been going on in Ferguson, you would have seen tear gas being thrown at protesters and chaos throughout the […]

While the rest of the world was watching in shock and horror as the events in unfolded in Ferguson, MO, Thought Catalog a viral content publisher, posted a piece full on insensitive jabs at the real-life that the Ferguson community is actually experiencing right now. Author of the piece, Anthony Rogers, describes himself as a ‘judging […]

John Legend took to Twitter last night to voice his opinion on the recent events in Ferguson, MO. Celebrities are used to Internet trolls and are usually good at giving them a blind eye. But not this time. Legend responded to his disrespectful troll in the most awesome way possible. And we couldn’t applaud him […]

It’s time President Obama step in to protect protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. As long as Black Americans have had United States citizenship, we have needed…

FERGUSON, Mo. — A candlelight vigil for Mike Brown, an unarmed Black man, who was fatally shot by a suburban St. Louis police officer was followed…

Mike Brown, an unarmed teenager, was shot and killed by the police in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday. Emotions with the situation are running high in our community due to the mistreatment we face on a daily basis.      MUST SEE: Dogs And Riot Gear Unleashed Upon Justice For Mike Brown Protesters [VIDEO] NBC decided to cover the […]

    The citizens of Ferguson, Missouri are finding themselves caught up in a scene that can only be explained as reminiscent of the sixties tonight, as a protest that was aimed at getting justice for Mike Brown, the 18-year-old boy that was allegedly gunned down and left in the streets by local police over […]

After grabbing a coffee this morning I was greeted by a 14-year-old girl in tears. This girl just so happens to be one of my most favorite people on the planet so I immediately wanted to know what was wrong. As she wiped the flowing tears from her eyes and attempted to gain control of […]

After the stunning dismissal of head coach Mike Brown after only five games, The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a new guy. According to ESPNLA.com’s Ramona Shelbourne, the Lakers front office will reach out to former coach Phil Jackson to gauge his interest in returning to the bench. As you may recall Jackson took […]

According to USA Today, The Los Angeles Lakers have fired head coach Mike Brown after the team got off to a 1 and 4 start.  This comes just one day after  General Manager Jim Buss gave Brown a vote of confidence and Kobe Bryant played down any tension with his coach. Expectations were high in […]

If you were only following the stats to last night’s NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers you might have thought the scoreboard was broken. The Cavaliers set a franchise low for points in a 112 to 57 loss to the Lakers where Kobe Bryant only scored 13 points. It was the […]