“Rosemary’s Baby” is getting quite the revamp from NBC.  Zoe Saldana has been tapped to play the iconic role, previously played by Mia Farrow in Roman Polanski’s 1968 cult classic. RELATED: Zoe Saldana Addresses Critics Who Say She’s Not “Black Enough”  In the upcoming remake, Saldana will play a young wife and expectant mother who moves […]

The History Channel is capitalizing on America’s renewed interest in Black History by partnering with Halle Berry to produce a miniseries about Hannibal Barca. Known as a brilliant military strategist, Hannibal is most famous for The Second Punic War when in 218 B.C. he marched an army, including elephants from Iberia, over the Alps and […]

With the critical and box office of success of “Django Unchained” and “12 Years A Slave,” cable television has officially jumped on the slave movie train.  According to Deadline, The History Channel plans to produce a remake of the 1977 TV miniseries “Roots.”  The cable network recently acquired the rights from Mark Wolper, whose father […]

According to Deadline, ABC seems to be jumping on the servant/slave narrative Hollywood seems to find so fascinating.  Based on the best-seller “A Slave In The White House” by Elizabeth Dowling Taylor,  the book tells the story of Paul Jennings, a Virginian born slave who served as the personal valet to President James Madison, while […]