The Screen

Michael Jackson’s presence at the annual MTV Video Music Awards was among the most anticipated of celebrity guest appearances when he was still alive and scorching stages one effortless dance move at a time, and to this day, not many VMA performances can top MJ’s medley masterpiece from the 1995 show. Kanye West is set […]

  The undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson is gone but will truly never be forgotten. His songs and his impact still hold true today even he’s not with us. One aspect of MJ’s music that doesn’t get highlighted enough, is the amount of game he kicked in his lyrics. Some of the keys to […]


The shoes Michael Jordan wore in the 1997 NBA Finals game against the Utah Jazz when MJ scored 38 points while battling the FLU were just sold at auction for a redonkulous amount of money! An unknown buyer spent  $104,765 on the Jordan 12’s, for the pleasure of owning a little piece of NBA history. Check out a […]