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With less than 48 hours left in the year, a few outliers have tried to turn tragedy into comedy by creating a series of GoFundMe campaigns to save actors Betty White, 94, and Morgan Freeman, 79, from the 2016 death curse.

Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, confirmed that the dead singer did not leave a will

Lamar Davenport, the man accused of fatally stabbing actress E'Dena Hines, has pleaded not guilty, The Guardian reports.


The man who fatally stabbed E’Dena Hines, the step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, has been charged with murder. According to Pix11, police revealed Hines’ boyfriend, 30-year-old Lamar Davenport, is currently under psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital. He was brought in as an “emotionally disturbed person” early Sunday morning after he was seen stabbing Hines to death near […]

The man who fatally stabbed E'Dena Hines, the step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, has been charged with murder.

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E’Dena Hines, Morgan Freeman‘s step-granddaughter, was found stabbed to death in Washington Heights, N.Y. early Sunday. The actress and educator was 33 years old. N.Y. Daily News reports that a 30-year-old man, believed to be her boyfriend, stabbed her multiple times in the chest before she was found on W. 162nd near St. Nicholas Ave. One 65-year-old witness […]

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Are we all bigots? That’s the question the first episode of the sixth season of Morgan Freeman’s Science Channel series Through The Wormhole is asking. “No matter how open-minded we think we are, stereotypes color our judgments of others and can lead us badly astray,” Freeman says in the opening of the episode. “We live in a society fractured by […]

The 2017 Academy Awards are just days away and this year’s nominations list is blacker than ever! Just a year after the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, the academy has made it a point to make every subsequent year as diverse as possible. This year’s nominees include greats like multiple Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, Viola Davis for Fences and […]

Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman‘s voice is probably one of the most recognizable in Hollywood. Freeman has been the voice of God before and after voicing the higher power, Freeman is giving his voice to some more earthly creatures. The legendary actor is narrating the new film “Island of Lemurs Madagascar” which details the […]

The first highly anticipated movie in 2014 is about…Lego toys?  Hard to believe but Warner Bros. is betting big on the first ever, full-length film based on one of America’s most popular toys. GALLERY: Top 10 Black Sci-Fi Movie Characters Emmett (voiced by Charles Pratt), is a regular, blue-collar Lego figure who is mistaken as […]

Nelson Mandela lived a life that could fill many books and even more films. He has been portrayed several times on screen by prominent actors such as Morgan Freeman (“Invictus”), Terrence Howard (“Winnie”) and most recently by Idris Elba in “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom” based on his biography. RELATED: Celebrities React To Nelson Mandela’s Death When […]

Actor Romany Malco is widely known for his breakout role in “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” but Malco has been in the entertainment business for quite some time. Allow me to clarify. Romany Malco got his start in the industry as a rapper in a group called R.M.G., later known as College Boyz and even […]