In the next edition of’s “My First Car” radio legend Bobbito Garcia tells us about his first–and only–car a 1987 Honda Accord that he bought for $5,000. “It was the worst!” he tells “The radiator would break down. I had to replace this and that. And in the 1990s there were a lot […]

  In the new movie “2 Guns” co-stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg spend a lot of time behind the wheel as they dodge drug dealers, the military and the The CIA.  So in this special edition of’s “My First Car” we get the megastars to talk about the first automobiles they ever owned, […]

  Everyone has a unique relationship with their first car. Whether it comes from the effort it took to acquire it or what it took to keep it on the road, the first time you grip the steering wheel on your own whip is unforgettable. RELATED: Orlando Jones Says Solange Looks Way Better Than He Does […]

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North Carolina MC Rapsody is known for her strong lyricism and she pulls inspiration from her own life and the culture around her. In one song in particular, Rapsody takes from her youth and a special “Annie” near and dear to her heart. The track “Honda Accord Music” is specifically about Rapsody’s first car which […]

In the next installment of’s “My First Car,” R&B singer Joe recalls his father giving him his first car…most of it. “It was a Peugeot…sounds good so far, but it had no wheels,” he says. “It sat in the yard on some cinder blocks but I was very proud, very happy to have that […]

In the next installment of’s “My First Car” series, singer and songwriter Kandi Burruss tells us about her hands on experience with her very first “Candy Apple Red” Toyota. Watch more episodes of “My  First Car” by clicking the links below: When Bad Boys Get Their New Toys [VIDEO] N.O.R.E Made A Huge Mistake […]

In the next episode of’s “My First” car Q Parker, formerly of the group 112, tells us about the time he and his bandmates hit the BMW dealership after touring with Whitney Houston. Click on the links below for more episodes of “My First Car.” N.O.R.E Made A Huge Mistake With His First Car […]

In the next episode of’s “My First  Car” rapper N.O.R.E. talks about the financial debacle of paying for his first luxury whip. “For the ‘War Report’ album [me and Capone]  got signed for $5,000 in cash but I knew I was getting jerked,” he remembers. “Next year I signed ‘N.O.R.E’ album for $750,000. I […]

In the next installment of’s “My First Car” series we catch up with the man behind Emimem, his manager Paul Rosenberg, aka Paul Bunyan, to find out what was the first car he ever owned. “It was a little rusted but I kept it clean,” he remembers of his vintage American auto. Watch the clip to […]

In the next installment of’s “My First Car,” Compton, California sensation Kendrick Lamar tells us about the pimped out ride he got from his father. “That’s my pops though that’s on the album talking crazy. Intelligent ignorance. [The car] was his joint,” he tells our interviewer Mr. Mecc.  Watch to see what ’92 vehicle […]

In the next episode of’s “My First Car” comedian Marlon Wayans tells us about the hand-me-down Honda Accord that he had to buy from his brother, then gifted to his nephew. “He left my car at the intersection like Teddy Pendergrass left the transvestite…” Watch the video above and click on the links below for […]

  In the next installment of’s “My First Car” rapper Fabolous confesses to renting a car for eight months before finally purchasing one. “The first car I tried to purchase I went to this auction,” he says in our interview.  “It was a hooptie but it was clean. It only lasted a week. Then […]