Who says famous men don’t have women problems? The slip-ups, the thirst and the angst dominate Twitter feeds and give meme generators fodder for days. We see it when Drake slips into a porn star’s Instagram DM’s or football players get Catfished. Ne-Yo sets the tried and true narrative to music on his latest effort, Non-Fiction. It’s a […]

In the next installment of “My First Car” Compton MC YG reveals what he slid into once he had the money to get off of the bus. “It was a white BMW 745Li. White on white. I bought that with the ‘Toot It and Boot It’ money. I went straight to the [dealership],” he tells […]

No matter what happens in your love life you never forget your broke days with your Day One.  Model and TV personality Tahiry Jose is definitely living the single life after a very long and public relationship with rapper Joe Budden, but she still remembers the early days of young love. RELATED: TRADING PLACES: What Tahiry […]

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, aka The RZA, is clearly driven, having produced over a dozen albums and parlaying his music career into acting and directing. But when was the first time The Abbott got behind the wheel to drive? “My first car was called the ‘God Mobile,’ which was a hooptie old Seville when we were […]

A lot of people walk around singing they “woke up in a new Bugatti” but thats just a song. Savage Life leader Webbie on the other can actually say he passed out in a brand new Bentley. Well, at least that’s what we think he said… Watch as he tries to remember what exactly happened […]

R&B singer and songwriter Tiara Thomas cruised into the music scene lending her vocals to the original version of Wale’s hit single “Bad.”   Her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana plays host to some of the fastest drivers in the world, but the 24-year-old hasn’t had the best of luck behind the wheel. In the next […]

In the next episode of TheUrbanDaily.com’s “My First Car” Maybach Music Group’s Stalley talks about his first car, an ‘87 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. RELATED: RHYME & REASON: Stalley Reps For #Beardgang On “Samson” [VIDEO] “I’m doing some work to it so you’ll see it in one of my videos [soon],” he tells TheUrbanDaily.com. RELATED: Bobbito […]

In the next edition of TheUrbanDaily.com’s “My First Car” radio legend Bobbito Garcia tells us about his first–and only–car a 1987 Honda Accord that he bought for $5,000. “It was the worst!” he tells TheUrbanDaily.com. “The radiator would break down. I had to replace this and that. And in the 1990s there were a lot […]

Professional athletes are typically stereotyped as being fiscally irresponsible, spending thousands of dollars on big boy toys before the ink is even dry on their contracts and endorsement deals. We’ve even interviewed a few artists in this column who confessed to running to luxury dealerships the minute they had label deals. RELATED: N.O.R.E Made A Huge […]

  In the new movie “2 Guns” co-stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg spend a lot of time behind the wheel as they dodge drug dealers, the military and the The CIA.  So in this special edition of TheUrbanDaily.com’s “My First Car” we get the megastars to talk about the first automobiles they ever owned, […]

  Everyone has a unique relationship with their first car. Whether it comes from the effort it took to acquire it or what it took to keep it on the road, the first time you grip the steering wheel on your own whip is unforgettable. RELATED: Orlando Jones Says Solange Looks Way Better Than He Does […]

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North Carolina MC Rapsody is known for her strong lyricism and she pulls inspiration from her own life and the culture around her. In one song in particular, Rapsody takes from her youth and a special “Annie” near and dear to her heart. The track “Honda Accord Music” is specifically about Rapsody’s first car which […]