Rapper 2 Chainz faced off against Nancy Grace about marijuana use and policy during an appearance on the HLN anchor’s current affairs show earlier today. 2 Chainz, a proud and outspoken smoker, argued with Grace on a segment promoted with the hashtag #Pot2Blame? While keeping up with her infamous stance on the issue, Grace noticeably focused much of her argument against the drug […]

Anybody who has seen Nancy Grace on television knows she can get very intense about the smallest things. She’s also known for over talking her guests and chastising them like they are her children instead of the grown adults they are. While we all know these things, we also have come to learn certain topics […]

  After going through the horrific tragedy of being the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before he was murdered and the subsequent testimony, things for Rachel Jeantel are looking up. She was offered a scholarship to any HBCU by radio host Tom Joyner. Last night, Jeantel and Joyner were guests on Nancy Grace’s […]