Being a TV nerd in the ’90s was possibly the coolest thing you could do. Even before we knew that nerds and geeks would grow up to be Internet billionaires, we loved the Urkels and Screeches of TV Land. Find out what these awesomely awkward dudes are up to these days! MORE LINKS ON THE […]

“Awkward Black Girl” rules !  The web series created by Issa Rae, is one of the hottest online properties.  The show  follows the misadventures of J, who observes the absurd in everyday life.  Since her show has taken off,  Issa has been featured on CNN and Essence Magazine, spreading the Gospel of Awkward. READ: “Awkward […]

One lucky movie-goer got Rihanna to splash some ink across his bow. That’s about the only way to salvage the pure geekdom of having your board game autographed by an R&B singer as hot as Ri Ri. 5 Childhood Games We Don’t Want To See As Movies While the rest of us were in awe […]