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  You can NOT make this stuff up! Charlamagne has things to say about Kanye West not knowing what it means to be a slave and talking like Michael Jackson while hanging out with Kris Jenner! He goes all kinds of in during a recent interview! Check it out in the video below!     […]

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  Hmmm, we don’t really know what we think about this one! The rumor mill is churning away right now in regards to Kanye West not being happy with the awkward reception that his first two song releases; Black Skinhead and New Slaves, have been receiving. People are not sure what to do with this […]

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  According to The Houston Chronicle, Kanye’s big plan to show his new video on the side of the Rothko Chapel, Central Library Downtown and the George Bush Monument didn’t happen! In fact, the cops broke up the crowds at the Rothko Chapel and told the people they were trespassing and everyone needed to leave […]


  So, for those who missed the news yesterday, Kanye is getting ready to drop a new project entitled “Yeezus” and no we are not joking. The 35 year-old father to be is truly using that as a title. As we previously reported, Kanye debuted the new song from the “Yeezus”  project called “New Slaves” […]

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  Okay, so according to Xclusiveszone.net, Kanye West  just released this video for “New Slaves” by projecting it onto the side of 66 buildings world wide. This is the building they chose in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check it out!   Umm, alright. there comes a time when people need to intervene, does this seem like one […]