New Song


“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” couple Benzino and Althea have been through a whole lot in the last year. They’ve had one heck of a ride  this season with their story-line encompassing everything from Zino being shot, to Thi-Thi revealing that she slept with cast-mate (and former Benzino BFF) Stevie J. And just when we […]


Our good friends over at Eben Gregory report that rapper Remy Ma is not just back in the studio, she’s already got a song out! Take a look at what she and DJ Khaled put together in the video below!     Now see, things like this make us look extra sideways at rappers who […]

So, umm this apparently happened…like in real life. According to TMZ,  “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Nikko Smith made up a song in honor of his junk called, “New Shower Rod!” Alrighty then.   Now….DISCUSS!   READ MORE HOT ENTERTAINMENT COVERAGE ON THEURBANDAILY Even Worse: Explosive New Racist Audio Of Donald Sterling Released [AUDIO] LA Clippers […]

  You never know what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to the internet. Recently, a song surfaced online where it appears Justin Bieber is using the N-word in a song called “What She Wants.” However, Bieber’s camp just put out a statement saying the song is a fake. In this song, Justin is […]

  Guess who’s back…back again? Yep Slim Shady himself! And he’s doing something out of the box with his latest song “Survival” too! According to, Even though he could have dropped the new track on his own radio station Shade 45 (Sirius XM) he instead chose to go about it differently. Instead he allowed the […]

  Okay, so according to, Kanye West  just released this video for “New Slaves” by projecting it onto the side of 66 buildings world wide. This is the building they chose in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check it out!   Umm, alright. there comes a time when people need to intervene, does this seem like one […]

  According to The Huffing Post, Chris Brown announced today that he just finished filming a video for a song called “They Don’t Know” that he is working on with Aaliyah. Somehow this seems to be turning in to a trend. And the trend is kind of spooky no? We don’t know if it’s just because […]

We reported the other day that Kim Kardashian is starting a music career, welp folks–it’s true! Kim Kardashian Is Working On An Album With The Dream.