I remember the first time I heard Nas’ classic debut “Illmatic” like it happened three seconds ago. In April of 1994, I was an annoying six-year-old who wasn’t allowed to listen to any rap music. To the chagrin of my older cousins, it was all R&B divas, all of the time. One day, my 16-year-old […]

In 2004 Nas released a song that he recorded with his father, Blues man Olu Dara, called “Bridging The Gap.” It was the second single from his album “Street’s Disciple.” Eight years later Nas is now appearing in an  ad for the Gap clothing line with his pops and you can only smile at the […]

When you think about MCs from Queens,NY one of the first names that comes to mind is Nasir Jones.  His style and lyrics were cultivated in the famous Queens Bridge Housing projects and for years he as served as a proud ambassador of the Q-Boro. Nas even returned to his old stomping grounds to record […]