Last night on  “Oprah’s Next Chapter,”  Viola Davis made a stunning accusation. The information that she divulged was not the shocking part of it however. It was that she publicly addressed the issue at all that left people surprised. MUST READ: Viola Davis: “I Was Absolutely A Troublemaker, I Spent Every Day In Detention!” [VIDEO] […]

In about two weeks it will be one year since we lost the legendary Whitney Houston. Hours before last year’s Grammy Awards the world found out that Houston never made it out of her hotel bathroom. For the first time Houston’s mother Cissy speaks publicly about her daughter’s death to who else – no, not […]

As soon as Oprah announced that she would be interviewing Rihanna as part of Oprah’s Next Chapter, many immediately wondered how Oprah would frame the inevitable question about Chris Brown and him violently attacking her. During their chat, Rihanna says to Oprah, “It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. I lost my best friend. I was […]