Paul George

As Kobe Bryant takes a victory lap around the States during his last season in the NBA, he's been getting bountiful gifts, and giving some, too.

According to CBS, Indiana Pacers guard/forward Paul George suffered a horrific leg injury in a Team USA scrimmage Friday night. He pursued James Harden in a transition defense, then landed awkwardly against the stanchion. A very disturbing ESPN replay left the viewing audience stunned because it showed George’s leg fracturing. The scene was reminiscent of the awful […]

Indiana Pacers star Paul George was believed to be the victim of an elaborate online hoax. According to many outlets George– and other NBA players–were duped into sharing nude photos by a man posing as a woman online. PLAY BMW’s HOOPSMANIA BRACKET CHALLENGE! However, George insists that he was not the victim of a “Catfish” […]