A casual look at the last year of superhero films reveals that the genre is in desperate need of revitalization. Outside of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it was the weakest year for the genre since the first Avengers took the box office by storm. From The Flash, Ant-Man […] The post Why We Need More Black Superheroes On The Big Screen appeared first on NewsOne.

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have deeply apologized to Australia after smuggling two dogs in to the country.

Paula Deen may still be recovering from last year’s leaked deposition that revealed her use of the N-word and affinity for slave-themed weddings, but that…


Who? What now? We need answers. Apparently, Steve Harvey has a mentoring camp for boys and is partnered with Paula Deen to provide culinary arts lessons for the attendees. the Grio has the story: In an episode of the Steve Harvey Show set to air on Thursday, October 2, Paula Deen will speak with Harvey about […]

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According to TMZ , Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House which was the place where Paula Deen’s alleged racist rants left her in shambles just closed its doors for good and the way employees found out was completely awful. The company allegedly did NOT even bother to tell its employees in an open meeting or face-to-face that […]

People will do and say anything to get the harsh criticism of the public off of them. Sometimes, it works and other times, it only causes the public to scrutinize even more. Paula Deen is realizing the latter after she gave an interview to People Magazine and compared her struggle with regaining fans after being […]

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  Well now, it’s good to see that she’s learned a valuable lesson after everything that transpired.  (We said very sarcastically) Check out what fallen from grace Food Network star Paula Deen had to say to TMZ cameras regarding her downward spiral of shame.     But on the plus side, she did say she […]

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  According to TMZ, a judge just threw out the racial discrimination claim filed against Paula Deen. The lawsuit that ravaged her career and moral reputation was decided in her favor. The judge just ruled that Lisa Jackson had no right to claim racial discrimination, because she’s white! In other words anything that Deen or her folks […]

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  Paula Deen has some muscle behind her that the average person would never have. Laila Ali  told TMZ what she thinks about the Paula Deen fiasco. While she doesn’t say, “I think she should be allowed to us the N-word and I thought the “Slavery Wedding” was a cute idea” she also didn’t shun or shy […]

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  In a strange move Paula Deen fired her longtime agent after the debacle that has happened with her career. According to TMZ Deen’s rep, Elana Weiss, said in a statement that Deen, “Has separated from New York agent Barry Weiner.  Deen and her family thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years.” […]

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  Wow! Is there a rock bottom for this woman? Because if there is we sure have not seen it yet! In an absolutely STUNNING move today, CNN reports that the publisher of Paula Deen’s upcoming cookbook, Ballantine Books, has announced that they are no longer interested in publishing it! This coming after the book shot to […]