1980s girl group Mary Jane Girls had a few hits and disappeared from the limelight. Two of its members decided they wanted to breathe some new life into the group and began touring small venues. Because of their recent concert dates, the estate of Rick James is suing them. According to the lawsuit, Kimberley “Maxi” […]

Singer Raz B can’t catch a break. The former B2K singer was recently hit in the face with a glass bottle while performing in China. According to the singer, he was performing at a club in Zhejiang and he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. Raz went over to break up the commotion […]

Usually, when artists perform they want to be a hit with the audience, not be hit with a lawsuit while on stage. Atlanta singer Ciara caught the latter while performing at a show during L.A.’s Gay Pride Week. According to sources, Ciara was scheduled to perform at a West Hollywood nightspot called Hit Factory last […]