Rapper Eminem released a video on YouTube to encourage the kiddies and Hip Hop heads alike to actually go out and purchase his music ( specifically The Marshall Mathers LP 2) instead of stealing it off the internets! It’s pretty funny…check it out below! RELATED: Eminem Pulls Out The Big Guns On “The Marshall Mather LP 2″ […]

     It is difficult to come up with any good reasons to keep the stop and frisk laws around, considering there hasn’t been any real benefit to it over the last few years. Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) teamed up with CCR Justice for a PSA to give light on the harmful impact of stop-and-frisk. […]

  Hip Hop DX is reporting that infamous Hip Hop producer and Hot 97 on air DJ Mister Cee has done a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for safe sex and getting tested for HIV for those who are sexually active. As we previously reported, Mister Cee fell into some trouble last weekend when he was busted allegedly trying to pick […]

How different would the world be if Martin Luther King, Jr. hadn’t been assassinated? The Anti Defamation League imagined what life would be like if the civil rights leader would still be here and how he would continue to push for equality. The video doesn’t just ask what would happen if Martin Luther King were […]

Gun violence is an issue we all need to work on resolving. Many of our lives have been effected by that specific type of violence. With all the gun violence in our country, where do we place the blame? How do we get to the root of the problem? Notorious for playing foul mouthed, gun […]