Former boxing champion Mike Tyson has gained the reputation of not being a person to mess with. Although his rough image has softened over the years, there’s still an innate fear that shoots up your spine when Mike walks into a room. (Speaking from experience.) Now that he’s older, he’s using that reputation to prank […]

We don’t see them together much, but Jennifer Hudson is still with her reality star-turned-professional wrestling fiance and baby daddy David “Punk” Otunga. They’ve been engaged for three long years, and now she’s explaining why it’s taking so long for her to get her skinny self down the aisle. Her explanation doesn’t make much sense, […]

The documentation of rock and roll’s Black roots should come as no surprise to anyone with an Internet connection and a thirst for musical knowledge, but many are unaware of the band Death and the role that they played in shaping the sound of 1970s proto-punk music.