Well, in a case of “good news/bad news” former B2K member Raz-B did NOT sustain a concussion after being hit in the face with a bottle at a concert in China. TMZ reported that the singer was unresponsive after being released from the hospital after speaking with his publicist. However, his manager Elayne Rivers maintains that […]


  As we previously reported, Raz B slipped into a coma as a result of getting hit with a bottle in the face. He was treated and released from a Chinese hospital and was found unresponsive the next day. He had slipped into a coma and was on a ventilator when his team sent word […]


    As we previously reported, former B2K singer Raz B was hit in the face upon trying to break up a fight in a nightclub in China. He was taken to jail right after the incident and then let go once the authorities figured out that he was not involved in the brawl other […]

Singer Raz B can’t catch a break. The former B2K singer was recently hit in the face with a glass bottle while performing in China. According to the singer, he was performing at a club in Zhejiang and he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. Raz went over to break up the commotion […]

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The feud between Marques Houston and Raz-B has escalated to a whole new level.  According to TMZ, Houston has filed a restraining order against his former friend and band member.  Houston claims the feud began when Raz-B posted a Youtube video, in which he accused Houston of molesting him.  In the filed documents Houston says […]

Another day, another weird story involving the boy band community’s poster child for conspiracy: Raz-B. This time the potentially tall tale involved accusations that the former B2K member is sideline ho of a married man. The site Datzhot.com quotes a source describing Raz-B as “a gay man who kisses a woman in public but sweats in between the sheets with another […]

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More bad news for Raz B.  After accidentally falling through a glass door in his hotel room in Shanghai, TMZ has learned that Raz’s hand won’t regain full use of his hand for at least three months. READ: Top 5 Suspects In Raz B “Accident” Raz B tells TMZ he lost count of how many […]

The fallout behind Chris Brown and Drake’s club melee still rages on! The brother of Raz B, Ricky Romance, took the Breezy/Drake fight as an invitation to start slandering the R&B singer again. Ricky Romance is known for threatening to murder Chris Brown after Raz B and Chris Brown got into a Twitter beef. During […]

After having countless accusations hurled in his direction, Marques Houston finally responds to Raz B’s claims he sexually molested him as teenagers. Marques Houston did an interview with radio DJs Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds where he opened up about why he never defended himself against Raz B’s accusations he was molested by Houston when […]

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Chris Brown just can’t stay away from a good Twitter beef.  Earlier this week, Chis Brown’s fans clashed with supermodel Chrissy Teigen over her critique of Breezy’s Billboard Awards performance, and now the R&B star is venting about Raz B’s new tell all book.  Raz  claims that Brown was romantically involved with Andre Merritt, an […]

After Raz-B filmed his new video on his Blackberry (the one with the scrolling ball), he released the substandard visuals to the world. The ex-B2K member moved to China after scathing  sexual allegations including “urinating on a minor.” Check out the low-budget video below: Class Of 2001: B2K Brings Back The Black Boy Band! Raz-B’s […]

Raz-B’s brother Ricky Romance fought his way into a choke-hold after being kicked out club Playhouse last night which was caught on film by TMZ camera’s. Ricky Romance slapped one of the bouncers who then punched him so hard he hit the ground. After regaining his stance and charging at the bouncer again he was […]