Zayn Malik, the former One Direction member, is looking right past his old teenybopper image, and what’s the best way to do that? Hang out in nightclubs with rappers once you’ve ditched your boy band, of course. Malik was spotted at the Foxtail Nightclub with Method Man and Redman in Las Vegas on Sunday (August 16) […]

When you strip an MC down to the bare basics you usually get gold. In this minimalist video for the track “Dunfiato,” Redman reminds anyone who thought he’d lost a step lyrically that he will leave your favorite lyricists looking for his bus pass trying to catch up. Time stamped at 3:15 in the morning […]

New Jersey rapper Redman is currently hard at work on his upcoming album “Muddy Waters 2,” which is the sequel to his sophomore disc. But in order to tide fans over until the new album is complete, Red gift wrapped a brand new mixtape called “Remixxes.” On the mixtape, Redman drops verses over popular beats […]

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  We don’t really even know how this would work…or why anyone would want it to for that matter but apparently it was thing to do so they did it! Rappers Method Man and Redman claim to have smoked a blunt that was cloaked in 24 kt Gold.   According to The Golden Cigar , they actually […]

You’ve heard about the shows and you’ve seen the hype. Now is the time to make your way out to the County Of Kings and see for yourself what the fuss is about! Summer time in NYC means it’s time for the 9th annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival! The festivities will take place starting July 10 […]

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  So, it goes without saying that 4/20 enthusiasts everywhere have been dying for “How High 2” to be released for a number of years now. TMZ caught up with Method Man and asked him about when the movie was going to come out. He discussed the chances of that, but then the conversation took a […]

  Reggie Noble has been quietly grinding out the videos lately. After dropping “White People Are Rioting” a little while back he returns with some help from his old rhyme partners. Redman, Method Man and R.E.A.D.Y  Roc invade a local poolhall to trade bars, beers and beautiful women in the new video, “Lookn Fly Too.” […]

New Jersey rapper Redman has made a reputation for himself in the hip-hop game. However, he owes most of that success to rapper/producer Erick Sermon. In the upcoming season of TV one’s hit series “Unsung,” Redman details how he met the E in EPMD. As usual, it’s a wild story about memorizing numbers, calling and […]

Redman returns with some vintage Funk Docta beats and rhymes on his new freestyle video, “White People Are Rioting.” I’d been a little worried about Reggie’s output of late. A while back he released a heater with my man !llmind, “Buck Buck,” but then went quiet. This sounds like he is focused and back on […]

New Jersey rapper Redman is known for bringing that rambunctious energy to any song he guests on. He is also lauded for a few of his solo projects. One of the most beloved Redman set is Muddy Waters. Twenty years after first entering the rap game, Redman announced he will be releasing Muddy Waters 2: […]

Talib Kweli recently dropped his album, Gutter Rainbows. The video for its first single, “Cold Rain,” is inspired by Denzel Washington’s Book Of Eli and had us reminiscing over some videos based on movies. Take a look at our list for the top ten music videos inspired by films. 10. Joe Budden – Pump It […]