At this point, the only thing more disturbing than Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign is the idea of people voting for him. The Ed Lover Show takes some time to talk to listeners who wouldn’t be caught dead voting red on election day this coming November. These listeners hilariously explain some ridiculous things they would readily […]

The Voice

Ten presidential hopefuls from the Republican party vying for their shot at a seat in the White House descended on the city of Cleveland, Ohio tonight for the first round of the GOP debates. The roster of right wing enthusiasts included former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Businessman Donald Trump, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, U.S. […]


UPDATE: 11:40 AM EST Dylann Roof‘s manifesto has allegedly surfaced online. In the horrifying document, the 21-year-old discusses the moment his perspective on race relations…

What’s your relationship “deal breaker”?  For some it’s height,  income, or how and where you worship.  But could you date someone with political beliefs radically different from your own?  In “Baggage Claim”  Montana Moore (Paula Patton) tracks down a former suitor, Langston (Taye Diggs),  a rather conservative politician with plans to turn Montana into a […]