Washington Washington Football Team quarterback Robert Griffin, III is marrying his fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat this spring. Like most couples they are busy managing things like table settings and gift registries. While the wedding will be private, somehow Griffin’s fans found the couple’s wedding registry and began sending them gifts. So he Tweeted his thanks posting a […]


Superstition is a curious thing, especially in sports. But when the numbers support an irrational belief, it’s hard to dismiss. According to political statisticians there is one clear indicator of who will win a Presidential election–whether the Washington Washington Football Team win or lose the game before Election Day. According to the folks at Buzzfeed, […]

Last night Baylor Quarterback and 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin, III was drafted second overall by the Washington Washington Football Team. The New U: Washington, D.C. “Go catch that dream — because a lot of times when you chase something you never get to it,” Griffin told the crowd gathered at Radio City Music […]