Race has and will always be a hot button issue. A nonchalant comment can be turned into World War 3, depending on who you’re speaking too. One of the things that really get under people’s skin is interracial relationships. Couples with different amounts of melanin have to deal with random angry looks. The ridicule and scrutiny is intensified when one or […]

On the hit HBO series, True Blood, Rutina Wesley stars as everybody’s favorite basket case, Tara. Well, before she made it big on the vampire drama, she had a few issues with her hair. We don’t want to be one to judge, but what in the world is that on her head?! Parents, we might […]

The long-anticipated third season of the vampire drama True Blood premieres tonight on HBO and Parlour magazine interviewed actress Rutina Wesley, who plays  Bayou beauty Tara Thornton. During the chat the actress spoke on meeting her husband, actor Jacob Fishel at Julliard and what it means to be in an interracial relationship.