On today’s edition of C’Mon Son!,  Ed Lover goes in on phony President’s Day sales, Kanye West‘s countless album name changes, the Pope, and Beyonce! Click above to hear the full audio and don’t forget to listen to the Ed Lover Show weekdays from 6-10am EST on your local Boom station.

Funk legend George Clinton has had a long history of legal woes when it comes to the ownership of his large musical catalogue. While the “Flash Light” creator was awarded his masters back in the past few years, he was just hit with some disappointing news about said master recordings. The U.S. Court of Appeals […]

Google is not giving up on trying to convince the public that their Google glasses are a necessity in our everyday lives. After the company pulled them off the market, Google has put them back up for sale. Google is selling the $1,500 specs as the “explorer edition” so they can make room for the […]

There are some creative kids that go to Hickory High School in Chesapeake, Virginia. As their senior prank, a few students posted an ad on Craigslist saying the school was up for sale. The ad was posted sometime around 10 pm on June 5th. Potential buyers were tempted with an ad that read, “Hello we […]