Grammy Award winning pianist  Ramsey Lewis has recorded enough music to fill an 80 GB iPod and is still going strong.  The Chicago native released his first album in 1956, Ramsey Lewis And The Gentleman Of Swing, and has released over 80 since.  Hip-Hop producers have revered Mr. Lewis’ work for years, incorporating samples of […]

[ooyala code=”Q0bjh3Mjok_K6Z5l8ft-fmk9TK8h5Nd2″] During our interview with R&B singer Syleena Johnson, she shared what it was like growing up in a musical household with her father Syl Johnson. The Chicago native also discusses the sampling of her father’s hit “Different Strokes” and their plans to do an album together. RELATED POSTS: Syleena Johnson On Being A […]

Paul McCartney says he liked Danger Mouse's "The Grey Album," a mash-up of The Beatles and Jay-Z and wishes more hip-hop acts sampled The Beatles.

[In recognition of Prince’s Birthday I’m republishing this interview with Detroit producer Black Milk where he discusses sampling Prince for an underground  mixtape, Songs From The Color Purple] Producer Black Milk didn’t kill Prince, but in preparation for his new CD, Tronic, we got the Detroit musician to walk through an O.J. Simpson like scenario: […]