Sandra Bland‘s family has settled a wrongful death suit with officials in Waller County, Texas, for $1.9 million, reports CNN. The amount includes payment for Bland’s death as well as several changes to jail procedures, notes the report. The case became a rallying call in the push for criminal justice reform after the 28-year-old Illinois woman was […]

The inexperienced jailer confessed to Bland's lawyers that he forged jail records -- confirming he'd checked on Bland an hour before her death, when he really had not.

The Texas State Trooper who arrested Sandra Bland has been fired and is facing jail time- but it’s still not exactly enough to rejoice for justice served. Click on the audio player to hear Monie Love explain more about this story and more in the Early Morning Evening News.

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Encinia, seen on the video pulling Bland out of the vehicle while yelling "I will light you up," is accused of lying about how he removed the woman from the car.

An Ottawa, Canada memorial for Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman who died in a Texas jail cell earlier this month, was defaced with an “All…

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The tragic death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland is a sensitive topic that one would assume is off limits from cruel disregard or disrespect from any person with a heart regardless of their skin color, but a white Missouri hotel supervisor recently proved that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kansas City’s Adam’s Mark hotel is […]


In an attempt to dispel speculation that Sandra Bland’s mugshot was taken on the floor of her jail cell by police after she had already passed away rather, prosecutors have released new footage of Sandra in jail while still alive. The new footage that reportedly spans several hours in time length according to ABC News […]

After being found dead in her jail cell bed on Sunday, a 37-year-old Cleveland native identified as Ralkina Jones became the third Black woman to die…

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A woman who occupied the neighboring cell to the one where Sandra Bland was being held prior to her death is coming forward to speak on her demeanor and their brief conversations while in jail together. According to CNN reports, Sandra’s former fellow jailmate Alexandria Pyle claims Sandra was emotional, often crying, not eating and concerned […]

The funeral for the woman who died in police custody two weeks ago, sparking speculation about police involvement in her death, will be buried Saturday…