Season 4


The gloves were off on part 1 of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 reunion tonight and more than a few of the cast members almost went to blows.  Here’s a recap of what went down using the best qutoables from the night. Take a look and see who you think delivered the hardest-hitting […]

  Aww Man! How many times over the last few years have we looked at current events and wondered where in the world Aaron McGruder was and why we weren’t hearing a monologue from Huey Freeman about those certain situations. Or why Riley wasn’t somewhere cussing out adults and yelling “Turn Up” etc. Well now we’ll […]

  There were tense moments recently as the female cast of Love & Hip Hop refused to film until they were given new contracts that were more to their liking. The move is apparently working as Yandy Smith, one of the LHH stars confirmed for TMZ that the cameras are indeed rolling for her story […]