shemar moore

Actor Shemar Moore is known for his model good looks and playboy ways. Normally, a man like that can get with any woman he wants, but one famous singer wasn’t affected by Moore’s charms. Superstar singer Alicia Keys once told the “Criminal Minds” star to kick rocks. Wednesday night, Moore appeared on the People’s Choice […]

  Does Shemar Moore have a “Criminal Mind”? According to the lady who attempted to press charges on him for assault at his home in Encino, CA last night, Yes! TMZ is reporting that, last night at around 3:45 AM, a woman at Shemar’s  house called the police claiming Shemar assaulted her. When they arrived, Shemar and […]

Actor Shemar Moore is known for starring in the hit crime drama “Criminal Minds” and his former role on the daytime soap opera “The Young & the Restless.” He also made a name for himself as a Hollywood playboy who has dated his fair share of quality beauties. Two of his most high-profile relationships were […]

Crimnal Minds star Shemar Moore threw a Super Bowl party and things got pretty wild. The more pressing matter at the shindig was the fact he was photographed kissing multiple white women and didn’t take one photo with a black woman. Does Brian White Hate Black Women? Shemar Moore has come under fire for dating […]