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  That just happened. Man listen, we’ve heard of embracing the joke but guy…c’mon! In a shocking display, Drake came on to the stage of the iheartradio music festival with a shirt on that captured the Jaden Smith reaction to Drake’s  2013 MTV Awards performance! Check him out in the video below!   Take a […]

  The year 2013 should be known as the year of the meme. Bloggers and the general public had to send a collective shout out to the internet for keeping some hilariously awkward moments at the forefront of our minds. Remember when Miguel got all into his performance of “Adorn” at the Billboard Awards and […]

  Sometimes the drama behind the entertainment scenes is more interesting than the stuff artists allow us to see. For example, the beef between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown started over a parking space and a handshake. just when you thought the shade being passed between the two was over, Frank Ocean dons a t-shirt […]