Skin Deep

It’s Friday, 5pm and everyone in the office is ready to leave… Stacy is at it again; she’s calling a last minute meeting to go over the seating chart for the company baseball game. If it weren’t for her curvaceous silhouette and cream like chocolate skin, I’d fall asleep as soon as her marker hit […]

New documentary directed and produced by Bill Duke, D. Channsin Berry, and Urban Winter Entertainment titled, Black Is Beautiful: Dark Girls, a film based on color bias in and out of the African American community. Skin color has been a silent issue in the black community for a long time but people are starting to be […]

At first glance many would be hypnotized by vixen Nalita L. She stands 5’5 with sparkling green eyes and a natural figure most video girls pay for. Her shapely silhouette is as sweet as her innocent demeanor. Nalita is pleasant, soft spoken and shy until the flash of a camera awakens her dormant sexy. While […]

Last week I reported that Skin Deep is being relaunched and revamped by yours truly! This week I bring you a sneak peek of what took place during the shoot… Visit our Twitter Page @SDModels_TUD for information regarding how you become a Skin Deep Model! Skin Deep fully relaunches April 1st with an extensive image […]

Skin Deep was created in 2008 by Professional Photographer Mike Jones. It showcased beautiful urban models in admirable and alluring light. Each week the ladies would be primped to please on a private set. The photos lived on where they would generate hundreds of comments and thousands of views. Skin Deep was highly successful […]