The Voice

Last weekend, 75-year-old civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away and was remembered in an outpouring of support from mourners across the world. Julian Bond was instrumental in establishing the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and will most be remembered as one of the driving forces behind the civil rights movement of the 1960s.  In […]

In case you were wondering, this is real life,. You are not having a nightmare. You did read the headline correctly. Actor/performer Jaden Smith has signed on to star in a tim titled “The Good Lord Bird” where he will play a cross-dressing slave. According to reports, Smith will play the role of Henry “Onion” […]

It’s time for summer cookouts! And no cook-out is complete without music loud enough to make your neighbors complain…. or at least come over and join in the festivities. Here are ten songs guaranteed to provide the perfect soundtrack to your summer BBQ! Total “Kissin You / Oh Honey Remix” Built around a sample of […]

Racism is still very well alive today and is constantly roaring it’s ugly head in the media and fashion. After Nivea told us to “re-civilize” ourselves using their products, Italian Vogue wants us to wear “Slave” earrings which are “inspired by Africans brought to America during the slave trade.” The earrings are large gold hoops […]

Mark Adams, bass player for 70s & 80s funk group Slave, died on March 5th.  Details surrounding the cause of death have not been made public.