Mathew Knowles thinks that Solange‘s elevator fight with Jay Z was a masterfully executed marketing ploy. Everyone’s been keeping a much closer on Jay and…

Rumors are running wild that the latest chick claiming to be Mathew Knowles‘ child’s mother, was friends with his youngest daughter Solange while she was hooking up with Solange’s daddy! Ewww! This is the only word we can come up with as it pertains to this particular situation! Oh wait here’s another word we can […]

As rumors continue to circulate about the Carters’ marriage and extravagant summer stadium tour, Solange is moving on after her altercation with brother-in-law, Jay Z–kind of.   The 28-year-old performer is on the cover of the August issue of “Lucky” magazine where she finally addresses the elevator showdown. Solange briefly addresses the scandalous situation before […]

Just when you thought everyone has said everything that could possibly be said about the Jay Z and Solange elevator smackdown, Jay’s former business partner Dame Dash adds his two cents in. The whole  incident was funny to Dame Dash. He said he’s had girls spit on him before and he’s been a little more […]

And there you have it. If you act a fool in an elevator and the tape of the incident gets revealed…be prepared for the comedians to live in the paint as it pertains to you. Chris Tucker had jokes and jokes and some more jokes for Jay, Bey and Solange after the events that jumped […]

  Okay Black Hollywood…we may have finally found the one downside for you guys regarding so many black people being on SNL now…THEY HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO COME FOR YOU IF YOU GUYS SHOW OUT! We knew that SNL would be spoofing the crazy week of the Carter/Knowles family but we had no idea that […]

Honestly didn’t think they would say anything about the elevator fight that occurred after the Met Gala and came out this past Monday, but here we go. MUST SEE: Jay Z And Beyonce Ignore Fight Drama At Nets Game According to the Associated Press, the Knowles-Carter clan released a statement about the matter. “As a result […]

Miss Whoopi Goldberg made a statement that has uber feminists everywhere pulling their own hair out today! On ABC‘s “The View” the ladies were discussing the Solange and Hov fight, (As if there was anything else to discuss!) and Whoopi felt that Jay would have been within his rights to slug Solange back for hitting […]

What’s this? All is right with the world again it seems as Jay Z and Solange Knowles went looking for jewelry together Tuesday afternoon at a high-end NYC jewelry store. There was no word on who the jewelry was for, but we’d be willing to bet the duo owe Bey an apology gift or five right about now! Sources connected […]

Okay, so what we’ve known for sure up until now is that, after the mollywhop at the Met Ball, the Knowles Sisters left together in one car and Jay Z left in another. But the internets are buzzing with rumors that apparently the issue was not settled after that. Did anyone really think it would […]

We may never know what sparked Solange to go at Jay Z the way she did in an elevator after the Met Gala, but speculation and assumptions are certainly in the air. With them being family, how did it get to this? In an interview with Hot 97 from last September, Solange gave her true […]

Man, the internet was never the same after we saw the footage of Solange mollywhopping Jay Z. We really never thought we’d see the day! Of course the people of Twitter had to react, like they do everything, and these are some of the best reactions. Take a look below. and we […]