Whenever the conversation about black film arises, Spike Lee is sure to be in the mix. While many consider him one of the best to do it, people don’t really give him credit for the soundtracks for his films. Our friends at The Smoking Section came up with a list that ranks the best […]

Producer Pharrell Williams has been hard at work producing music for artists and soundtracks. His latest product is a feel good record from the soundtrack of “Despicable Me 2.” The upbeat song “Happy” has a retro sound but fits right in today’s musical landscape. Besides this track, Pharrell contributed two other songs to the soundtrack, […]

Attaching Jay-Z’s name to anything music related is usually a pretty safe bet. When the news first leaked that director Baz Lurhmann was using Shawn Carter songs to inspire the cast of his new film “The Great Gatsby” it didn’t seem like that much of a stretch. J. Gatsby is a multi-millionaire playboy in the upper […]

Singer Mary J. Blige discusses her new song for upcoming movie, The Help, in theaters August 12. Watch what inspired Blige to write “The Living Proof” in the latest installment of What’s Hot, brought to you by TheUrbanDaily and TV One. What’s Hot Week 13: