Here we go again…at what point is Mr. West just going to show up to a show and perform for the throngs of people who are still willing to pay for tickets to see him? No one is paying for him to don a mask and spazz.  They want to vibe out to his music […]


  According to TMZ, Lamar Odom  will not be prosecuted for trashing a photog’s equipment. Wait…say what? Refresh your memory of the freak out via the video below! It still crack us up when he stops and poses for the little pic at the end with the fan! Who is bold enough to ask for […]

Celebrity News

Oh boy it’s happened again! But this time it’s pretty funny! Kanye bugged out on a paparazzi but the guy kept telling him Kanye how much he loved him! Too funny! Boy he and his sort of brother-in-law have been on a roll with the paps this week!  Check it out below.   Kanye really […]