In this next episode of Sports Stoop the crew discuses whether ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith dropped an inadvertent N-Bomb on the air. Watch the clip and you tell us if you heard him say “N— Please” or not.   Watch more Sports Stoop on TheUrbanDaily.com: Are Black NFL Wide Receivers Cursed? Did Chad “OUCH”-O-Cinco […]

[ooyala code=”t1NXUzNjp4Hp8b7FbXNfSbIVw05PE4qS”] Forget about the Madden video game curse. It seems that just being black and fast is enough to have a cloud of bad luck in the NFL. From Plaxico Burress to Chad Ochocinco wide receivers can catch everything but a break. Watch as the Sports Stoop crew break down the facts. Missed an […]

In the next episode of “Sports Stoop” our analysts dissect what happened between Chad Ochocinco Johnson and his now estranged wife Evelyn Lozada. Several weeks ago Chad was fired from his job with the Miamia Dolphins after he was arrested for headbutting his wife Evelyn during a fight. The dismissal was captured on an episode […]


[ooyala code=”w2cnNtNTqbzPTPxkrCRODH3gO_NQSbs-“] The XXX Olympics are now a wrap and the USA Men’s Basketball men walked away with the Gold medal that everyone expected them to get. So does this now squash the debate about them being better than the ’92 Dream Team? Of course not. Watch the next episode of Sports Stoop as the […]

As if telling her brother-in-law Lamar Odom that his breath stinks wasn’t bad enough, Kim Kardashian may be cursing every man she becomes involved with. Don’t believe us? Watch the Sports Stoop crew break-down for the evidence. MUST WATCH: Who Has The Worst NBA Swag? Should Kanye be worried? Stay up with the STOOP by […]