Queens rapper Action Bronson is a big guy and he absolutely hates it when fans try to bulrush the stage when he’s performing. So here’s a word to the wise, don’t try to get on a stage when Action Bronson is on unless he invites you because he will help you off the stage in […]

  Silly fans, stages are for entertainers. That was the message a rowdy concertgoer got when he jumped onstage with Kid Cudi. While no one knows why the guy got on stage, we do know Kid Cudi wasn’t having it and shoved the man off stage and continued performing like nothing ever happened. While performing at […]

Usually, when artists perform they want to be a hit with the audience, not be hit with a lawsuit while on stage. Atlanta singer Ciara caught the latter while performing at a show during L.A.’s Gay Pride Week. According to sources, Ciara was scheduled to perform at a West Hollywood nightspot called Hit Factory last […]