Comedian and actor Talent is hanging out in-studio with The Ed Lover Show! He discusses how he feels when comedians try to start beef “like rappers,” and what his priorities are in interacting with his contemporaries. Plus, he even reveals whether a Sunset Park reunion is coming any time soon! Click on the audio player above to […]

Way before Meet Dave, Norbit, The Klumps, or Shrek, Eddie Murphy was one of the funniest stand-up comics of all time. That’s why it was such a big deal that he told jokes on stage while receiving the Mark Twain Award for Comedy for the first time since before most millennials can remember. In total, it’s been 28 […]

Seeing Dave Chappelle perform live stand up is like having a unicorn tell the most perfect jokes right in front of you. You’re so amazed it’s happening and probably never want it to end. But last night in Detroit, Chappelle was booed during a shoddy performance. According to TMZ, the comedian showed up more than […]

  “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is already proving to be a summer smash, and with Jamie Foxx as the villain, it’s no surprise. The Oscar-winner has pretty much done it all with music and movies, but is he ready to return to his very first love comedy? See what he has to say in the video […]

Comedians Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart both performed impromptu sets at Bob Sumner Presents Laff Mobb on Sunset at The World Famous Comedy Store. Hart made a surprise guest appearance before the last scheduled comic of the night. He delivered new comedic material regarding relationships and fear of animals. As a last minute addition, actor […]

And there you have it. If you act a fool in an elevator and the tape of the incident gets revealed…be prepared for the comedians to live in the paint as it pertains to you. Chris Tucker had jokes and jokes and some more jokes for Jay, Bey and Solange after the events that jumped […]

In “Never Scared” Chris Rock explains why the government will never legalize drugs and the important difference between being “rich” and being “wealthy.”