stop and frisk

A new report says the federal government is using social media to monitor and crack down on Black activists around the country.

Chicago police routinely violate the constitutional rights of mostly African-Americans who have not committed any crime, according to a federal lawsuit filed this week, reports…

Only 1.5 percent of Stop-and-Frisk arrests, the discriminatory policy that racially profiles Black and Brown men on the streets of New York City, has resulted…

     It is difficult to come up with any good reasons to keep the stop and frisk laws around, considering there hasn’t been any real benefit to it over the last few years. Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) teamed up with CCR Justice for a PSA to give light on the harmful impact of stop-and-frisk. […]

When the NYPD introduced a controversial policing practice known as stop-and-frisk, black people, especially black men were dubious of the effectiveness. Many said cops would use the policy as grounds to racially profile and harass minorities. Well, it looks as though the early concerns were correct. A commanding officer in the NYPD was caught on […]

Brooklyn MC Talib Kweli is known for his cutting words when he is passionate about an issue. He is turning his attentions to New York City’s controversial police practice known as Stop-And-Frisk. Earlier today, Kweli made an appearance at City Hall where he blasted the invasive policy where police frisk random citizens if they appear […]